Every Notary Signing Agent Needs These Supplies

It’s difficult to know exactly what setting up a notary business is going to cost, so here is a breakdown of all the supplies you will need. I also put some that are highly recommended, but not absolutely necessary.

All of the links go to items I myself purchased. Many of these are affiliate links, so please be aware that I may get credit when you make a purchase.


When you first become a notary, there are things that you absolutely must buy immediately. The first is your notary stamp. Actually, you should buy 3, so if one runs out of ink, you have another one at the ready.

You will need certificate forms for notarial work, but the great thing about that is you can download those for free from the NNA if you are a member. If you don’t have a membership (or a printer), you can easily purchase a set.

You will need a thumbprint from clients to record it in your notary journal, so you’ll also need a fingerprint ink pad.

After that, if you only plan on doing general notary work, other than something to sign with, you can stop here. However, if you plan on continuing to become a Notary Signing Agent, then you have a whole lot more money to spend.

The largest upfront expense you will have outside of your training will be a dual tray printer. I have this Epson because the Brother laser printer that everyone is suggesting was not only out of stock, but double the price it usually is. How’s that for supply and demand?

I recommend getting the best dual tray printer you can right now, even if it's not a laser printer, because once you start earning income from your notary business, you can upgrade down the line.

Of course, you will need things like extra printer ink, legal paper, letter paper, and lots of pens (black or blue, depending on the state). I strongly suggest purchasing cases of each. You will go through them like running water.

A legal pad is great for taking notes of questions the signers may have during the appointment. Some of these questions are important enough to pause the appointment, and contact the title company immediately. We don’t leave signers feeling their concerns weren’t addressed, or that could cause problems later.

You’ll also need standard office supplies, such as small, medium, and large binder clips, paper clips, stapler, staples, staple remover, tape, and a calculator. Additionally, ‘Sign Here’ stickers, legal folders or 10x15 envelopes (for clients copy) and a magnifying glass (for clients who have difficulty reading small print).

For shipping the documents back to the signing service or whichever company hired you, you will need either FedEx or UPS shipping envelopes. You can grab a bunch for free at the UPS store.

One thing many people don’t think of is a detailed local map - because you may not always have phone service. Imagine relying on your car or phone GPS and all of a sudden, you are in an area with no service. Eeek! No bueno!

Lastly you will need a bag large enough to carry legal size documents in. This one I got from Target is beautiful and sizable enough to carry not only the documents, but all the things above you will need to bring with you.

You will also need business cards, not for signings, but for marketing.


Notary ID badge

Pain killer (sometimes a headache can kick in)


Hand sanitizer

Portable hard top table (sometimes tables aren’t available)