How to Become a Notary Signing Agent: Part 2

Okay, so you’ve now received your notary public commission in the mail. What’s the next step to becoming a Notary Signing Agent (NSA)?

Well, you have to get trained.

Please note, I am focusing on New York, but the process will be similar in most states.

Where should you get trained?

There are several training programs available from a variety of companies, including:

They each have their pros and cons, but I would recommend the National Notary Association. They are the leader in NSA training, well respected, and you will very likely become a member, so you might as well start there.

Tip: Many people get training from multiple programs because they are all a bit different, so if you decide to do that, then I suggest Notary2Pro as your second training, if you can afford it. These programs focus on the details of doing loan signings, which is the most important aspect of what you must learn.

I’m going to concentrate on the NNA, since that is where I received my training. Depending on what state you are in, the prices of the training courses will vary. I suggest the Basic NSA certification package which includes:

  • Background screening (required)

  • Training Course

  • Study Guide

  • NSA exam

  • Top Tier Listing in the NSA directory -

  • Notary Essentials course (great for all notaries)

  • The NYS Court fee for your background check

  • Official NNA certification and training badges

This will cost you $284 (2021 New York prices).

While you take the time to train, also take the time to set up your business, legally. I will talk about that in another post, but it’s very important. Also, submit the application for the background screening at the same time. Getting that done can eliminate any delays and allow you to start working faster.

Anyway, the training is online, although you should print it. Don’t rush the training. You can complete it in a week, or a month. The key is to make sure you KNOW THE WORK. Remember, errors here can cost your signinger THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! Don’t rush the learning.

When you feel like you are ready, take the exam. It's online and you will have plenty of time to finish it. Once finished, you will receive your results immediately.

The background check will take up to 2 weeks. You will receive the full report, which you will need to register for signing services and other companies, so make sure you save it.

Once you have passed your exam and the background check, you are officially certified. You will be listed on and will be ready to start your business, sort of. There are more steps to officially starting your Notary Signing Agent business, which I will discuss very soon. But for now, Congratulations!!! You are now a Notary Signing Agent!