Should I Bring My Gun to a Loan Signing?

This is going to be a controversial post, because what I am going to say is very personal to each individual and people will make different choices, especially depending on where you live, but here it is…


I said what I said.

First off, for many loan signing services, they don’t allow it. Secondly, even if it's concealed, it's possible the signer will find out and if they have a problem with it, you could end up in court.

I cannot tell you how many signing agents I’ve spoken to online who said they will bring their gun to a signing whether the signers want them to or not (either stated, or there is a sign outside). This is so dangerous, disrespectful to the signers, and can ruin your business.

If you are allowed to bring a weapon of that type to a signing (based on your contract with the signing service or title company), you should inform the signers in advance if you are going into their home. They may have no problem with it and it tells them you are prepared for any shenanigans they were planning. If you are meeting in a public place, that is questionable as well, because the establishment may not allow weapons on their property ie. many Waffle Houses.

The laws on guns are different everywhere so having a complete understanding of what you are allowed to do and where you are allowed to do if, and n type of notification required. Some places don’t require notification if you have a CCW. Other places do. And businesses are allowed to ban them from their property (we have a right to bear arms, however we don’t always have a right to bring them onto private property).

There are ways to protect yourself that don’t include a gun.

I personally carry pepper spray. In NY it has to be registered with the state. It can be used at a distance of several feet, therefore you don’t need to be close to the person trying to hurt you.

You can carry a small knife which has a blade no larger than the palm of your hand. You can also carry a taser (stun gun) if it's legal in your area. These last 2 require up close and personal contact so they are not ideal, but very effective.

I know a lot of you won’t agree with this and well, you have every right not to. But one thing we have to remember is that although we are contractors, we are bound by not only the laws, but what our contracts say, and respect for our clients. You just need to find the right balance of reasonable protection.