Starting Your Notary Business Is A Slow Process

Man oh man, I had no idea it would take so long to get my business set up. Covid-19 has been a real headache in many ways. I know saying that when people are dying may seem superficial, and yeah, it is in the scheme of things. I understand how lucky I am to be healthy and have the people I care about be healthy as well.

However, having been in business start-up mode before, I remember when things worked effectively. These are definitely challenging times, so if you are like me and trying to set up a new business in 2021, you are going to have to be patient.

For example, look at how long just getting my Notary Public commission took.

Notary Public Commission Timeline

10/19/2020 - Emailed the NYS Division of Licensing to schedule my Notary Public exam.

11/16/2020 - After waiting 4 weeks, I received notification that I was scheduled to take the exam on December 11.

12/10/2020 - Took Notary Public exam. Supposed to get results back in 2 weeks.

01/06/2021 - After waiting 5 weeks, I called to get the status, and was told I passed the exam. Mailed my notarized Notary Public Application and money order to NYS Department of State Supposed to be completed 4 weeks after receipt.

02/05/2021 - After waiting 4 weeks, I called to follow up and was told my application was no good because the notary who signed it had his commission rescinded due to fraud. WHAT?

02/09/2021 - Completed a new application signed by a different notary, got a new money order (old one was refunded), and re-sent the documents to the NYS DOS.

03/01/2021 - Notary Public commission is entered into the NYS DOS system. I am officially a Notary Public. Yay!

Look at that! It took over 4 months from the day I called to schedule my exam to getting my commission. And that was only the first part of my journey. How insane is that.

And let’s not even talk about the fact that I have been waiting on the NYS DOS to complete the name change for my business for 5 months.


I can’t use my business name for signing services, I cannot get a business bank account, nothing. All because I am STILL waiting for the Department of State Division of Corporations to hit a few buttons on their computers. And God forbid if you need to talk to someone on the phone...I’ve been calling regularly since April and I’ve only gotten through three times. THREE. In 5 months!!!

Business Name Change Timeline

04/07/2021 - Mail Business Name Change application along with money order to the NYS DOS Division of Corporations. Delivered 4/13/2021.

05/24/2021 - After 6 weeks, I called to check on status and was told that they were still doing early March filings. Money order not cashed.

07/30/20 - After waiting an additional 9 weeks, I called to check on status and was told they are still working on late March filings. Money order not cashed.

08/30/2021 - After waiting another 4 weeks, I called to check on status and was told they are still doing March filings. Money order not cashed.

EDIT: 09/23/2021 - After more waiting, I called several times this week, but could not get through. However, I did discover that the money order was cashed. At least there is progress.

So you see, it’s a long waiting game for everything right now. But in the meantime, can’t stop, won’t stop!

Question: If you began your business during the pandemic, how long did it take for everything to be completed?